Seriously I don’t understand some people. You already got yourself a college degree, engaged or married to your trophy husband and living a life better than mine. So why the need to destroy me still exists, ten years after our high school graduation? I never had any cruel intentions towards you. But don’t be shocked at my cold-hard expressions and gangly swag. I may not even possess half the education and lover you have but thanks to your cruelty I’m mentally resilient and tougher to deal with bitches like you the only way I know best. You can hide behind your man or your hijab but you can’t hide your nefarious attempts to piss and humiliate me. This isn’t 2004-2006 anymore. It’ll be 2017 now. I’m not Islamophobic (I’m a Muslim too albeit moderate). Even some so-called angels desire to be wild when caged while wrongly-accused demons long for redemption and solace.


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