First post

​At times I feel like deleting my Tumblr blog and never blog again from there. 

It’ll be a matter of time before I close my current Tumblr blog for good after 2 years of working full time since late 2014. Tumblr is getting really boring now with all these keyboard social justice warriors and spambots posing as piss-poor quality porno blogs following me whenever I go idle. That’s why I moved over to Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest often for up-to-date content and replies instead.Writer’s blocks, lethargy & lack of inspiration stimulation usually prevent me from creating quality content. Hopefully I don’t get swamped by random blogwalkers (very Blogger/Blogspot-like) & porno spambots here on WordPress too. 

These plans came about as I toggle around between dreams and reality. As pursuing a full-time job as a copywriter or content writer is impossible for me due to lack of experience, know-how and academic achievements, the only possible way to build my presence and portfolio is to do freelance jobs pertaining to that, which I hadn’t think of years before. Even I don’t know if copywriting or content strategizing is truly meant for me, as my dreams to work for well-known media platforms, magazines and studios were crushed due to less than satisfactory grades, lack of funds, learning resources, relevant contacts and moral support. 
However I try building up a portfolio on Pinterest (does Behance work as well?) of my creative works – writing (reviews, short stories etc), some designs, adult coloring, photography etc. 
It just motivates and also bugs me that my long buried dream is haunting me, as I reached my late 20s and facing an existential quarter life crisis in employment. Just any random admin jobs won’t do for me. So caught up in chasing them that quitting my current job seems tough.